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Customer Testimonials

I have known Rick Terry now for almost 10 years and have watched him lead his teams year after year to great success. His leadership, motivation, and passion to help others succeed has been his formula for success. I am very excited for Rick to now be able to help more people and excited for the individuals and organizations that will benefit from his expertise!

 Robin H. McVey

Area General Manager

ADT Security Services, LLC

I had the privilege of working alongside Rick Terry for the better part of a decade as a part of his sales training initiatives. His strategic planning and focus enabled him to lead a team that thrived within an ever-changing sales environment. When many were questioning their place within the market, Rick displayed clear vision and purpose. As a leader, he embodies a level of passion that many strive for, yet seldom achieve. As a friend, that passion is rivaled only by his sincere nature. I was fortunate to experience that sincerity over several years and numerous encounters. I quickly found that while most of us work hard to do the right thing; that quality as Rick would say, "is simply standard operating procedure.

 Tony R Kirby Sr

Performance Improvement Manager

ADT Security Services, LLC

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rick Terry for more than 15 years. During that time, he helped me understand the importance of using a Team Leader concept to create a cohesive team atmosphere. This has led me to successfully help my Team drive results but also increase accountability. Beyond his business skills, I have also witnessed him have a good balance between business and family life. I now consider him as one of the mentors in my life.

 George Garrison

District Sales Manager

I had the Privilege of working side by side with Rick Terry for the last few years. Working with you - Rick - was an honor to me. I have learned how to work in a team setting, compete hard and still have fun in the mean time, and exceed expectations... to mention a few. You may have changed jobs now, but what didn't change is the valuable leadership lessons you have taught me. It has shaped my career and professional life. Your mentoring has meant so much to me and I can't thank you enough!


Beza Bekele

District Sales Manager

I have had the pleasure to get to know Rick Terry over the past 10 years on a personal and professional level. Rick is truly the type of individual that likes to bring out the best in everybody and will lend a helping hand if needed. My best goes out to

Rick Terry.

 Steven Zook

Commercial Account Executive

Tyco Integrated Security

I have known Rick Terry for a little over 8 years. We clicked from day one. From my positive attitude and extreme confidence he knew that I was a project in the making. He knew I was a force to be reckoned with at all times. He once called me a Bull in a China Shop. He was absolutely right. We all know what happens when you mess with the Bull. Rick has given me unmeasurable Mentoring. He has shown me that I can deliver the message and drive the point home. He is more than a Mentor. He is a friend and a brother. There is only one way that

1DueNorth can go, and that's up.

 Terrel Bird

Security Expert and Entrepreneur

Rick Terry embodies all that it means to be a leader. He uplifts, he encourages, he inspires. He motivates and he is committed to those he accepts leadership and responsibility over. He believes when no one else can see the end goal in sight. He will be the last man standing. He has no quit. He builds new leaders and sees potential in others that they may not yet see in themselves. Rick Terry is an incredible, steadfast, tried and true leader and anyone who finds themselves given the privilege to learn from him should count themselves blessed.

Christina Mitchell

I've known Mr. Rick Terry for nearly 10 years now, but one would think we've known each other our entire lives. Rick is the type of person you'd want by your side in any case scenario. He's the type of person who can give you the best advice when you're at a crossroad in your life, cheer you up when you're down in the dumps, make you laugh when you feel the world is collapsing in around you, and the type of person who can captivate an audience with emotion, compassion, wisdom, and knowledge. I cherish the friendship we've developed through the years. Mr. Terry is definitely the type of individual I'd stand behind. I wish him the best in life. He is a good friend and I believe we will grow even closer over time.

Kari Saunders

Residential New Sales Manager

ADT Security Services, LLC

I had the pleasure of working for Rick Terry at ADT. It was only a short time but I learned so much from him. One thing that stands out in my mind is when he told me that I was a Lender not a borrower. I lend my time, compassion or whatever the person needs but I will not waste their time by borrowing from them. It's almost like he's known me forever. I can't explain it but he just gets me. He also told me to always be ready and you will never have to get ready! Respectfully,

Tajh-Marie Thompson

Director -Pampered Chef

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