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What do Usain Bolt, Simone Biles, Michael Jordan, or Connor McGregor have in common? What about Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps or Lebron James? The answer is as simple as two words… they are ALL Fearlessly Focused. Each of those individuals have reached their respective mountain tops by being the embodiment of those two words.


If you line up 100 people with large ambitions and huge goals and ask them “What if you fail?” 60 of them will give you their back up plan, 39 will tell you “I’ll try again!” But just ONE will look back at you and say “ I won’t.”


Kobe Bryant was 6’7 and Ray Lewis was 250 lbs, but so were a lot of guys in their leagues. Kobe once went an entire summer season without scoring even one point. Ray Lewis was a scrawny kid too small to even consider playing football. Complete and total dedication to their craft allowed them to maximize their potential and embrace their talent.

You must believe in what you want and then ask yourself why you don’t have it. Once you do so…You must be FEARLESSLY FOCUS TO FINISH. This is the key to unlocking your success. The FEARLESSLY FOCUS TO FINISH SEMINAR will jump start your journey to success. Register Today.

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They are going to bring down the house.

Learning to Tell Your Story------ Beryl A. Brackett

Performing at the Top of Your Game---- Arthur Jones II

Money Mentor----- Victor Vonico Johnson

Women's Empowerment--- Monique Malabe

The ABC's of Making Business Networking Work For You.---

Dr-Sinclair N. Grey III

           Young And Out Front Leaders

                   Networking-Telling Your Story-Performing At YourBest-Women's-Empowerment-Money Mentor

Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III, is the author of six books including, The ABC's of Making Business Networking Work For You. 

As Founder of The Greater Entrepreneur Success Group. Dr. Grey wants to see entrepreneurs succeed and with his knowledge along with his vast network on business experts, he is making it happen.

Ms. Monique Malabet (Speaker, realtor, investor, chair of the Prince George’s County Public schools business management and finance advisory board...) Women’s Empowerment Speaker.

Founder of Urban Metro Homes and Young Black and I Invest.  Active on social media as @1stLadyRealty.

BAB Reviews, headed by noted writer, author, playwright, and screenwriter, Beryl Anthony Brackett is best known for writing Christian fiction, including her newest novel, “Broken Pieces.” She's write Christian fiction books, she written a children’s book, and produced the stage play, “Have You Seen Him?” She has written music for and produces recording artists Tracy Lynette and newcomer Celestine. Publishing and management.

Success Coach Ricky Terry's                  

Fearlessly Focus To Finish virtual conference.

Victor Vonico Johnson, known as the "Victor the Money Mentor", Victor combines his financial literacy knowledge, inspirational anecdotes and charismatic inspiration on live stages, virtually, and all-over social media to cover credit, money, health, real estate investing and all things relating to entrepreneurship.

Success Coach Ricky Terry, President and CEO of 1DueNorth, is a U.S. Army Veteran and a former U.S. Army Drill Instructor, who epitomizes the 11 Military Principles of Leadership. Using these time-honored principles, Rick has navigated a successful career in leadership and coaching, which includes 14+ years of experience leading corporate sales teams for two Fortune 500 companies.

Mission Statement

The mission of 1DueNorth is to:

Inspire the Leader inside of you. Motivate the future Champion within you. And,

to introduce and promote, to the world, the Leader you are.


                Success Coach Ricky Terry talks 1 on 1 with Arthur Jones II, about Performing At The Top of Your Game.

Arthur Jones II is a multi-skilled journalist and television news producer from Washington, D.C. He is currently an Associate Producer for “CBS This Morning” based in Washington. At the CBS News Washington Bureau, he has also worked on the CBS Evening News, Weekend News and Assignment Desk. And, host of Max Out Time With AJ II, the show is an interview-based podcast which maximizes success stories while amplifying diverse voices of a wide variety. It’s #MaxOutTime!

Associate Producer for “CBS This Morning



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